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27 de mai de 2008

Hoje é tudo que temos. Fiz um poema sobre o dia de hoje.

Whenever I look at that window,
I see your eyes;
And I feel them touching mine;
These eyes of mine that are crying.
I am missing you, your body.
I am missing your hands that used
To touch me.
Missing your lips, that one day,
Kissed me.
How I miss it...

I miss you all;
And that was a time when
Everything was quiet and peaceful;
When we used to live for each other.

I remember,
You and I, at night...
Time does not come back anymore;
Our voices, and our silence;
It was a simple love, na easy love,
A beautiful love. Our love.
And I loved you as I could.

I am lost in the space;
In the place where our feet
Walked by, someday...
I am lost in memories of what
We used to be.

I wonder what we had talked about,
Shared and loved together.
Why did we give each other up?
I don’t know. We gave up loving.
And just loving.

I understand you more than ever, my love;
My body is tired. It is really tired of
Shaking, shivering.
My mind does not have you anymore...
It is exhausted tooo.
But now, Today, you are not here.
Just when I got my freedom and happiness
To remind you of my love.
To remember you.

How I wanted you here,
Inside that window.
(By Eve)